first bell rang 2009/ 2010

Вторник, 08. Сентябрь, 2009 - 4:28


It was the fifth time when the first bell rang for the pupils of secondary school “ OR AVNER” in Mogilev on the 1-st of September, 2009.

    The pupils, their parents, teachers and members of Jewish community gathered together in beautifully decorated hall. All of them were in nice wearing, joyful and happy.

Pupils with their teachers prepared holiday program for the Day of Knowledge: poems, songs, quires were  interesting for all present. 

    Rabbi Mendel  Alperovich wished good health, wealth, great success in studying to all pupils, their parents and   teachers. He gave the gifts to pupils.

   All of present expressed the great gratitude to the Federation of Jewish communities and the fund “Keren Edidut” for constant care about children and great material support.

    When the holiday finished the local sponsors gave gifts to pupils.

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